Photos from hiking up Mount Ernest Ross

Many friends and I went camping for a weekend in September near Nordegg, staying at the Kootenay Plains Cavalcade campground. Several photos were taken!

click for photo album!

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If you want a super-high resolution JPEG, around 10MB each, note the “Name” of the photo, click [THIS LINK], enter the username and password that I should have already sent you personally on Facebook, then download the file whose named matches the “Name” of the photo. For example, the name field of photo #2 is “P1011756”, as displayed on it’s ‘detail page’, go to, wait for your browser (please not Internet Explorer) to ask for then enter your username and password, then right-click and save “P1011756.jpg” to your hard drive. I’ve tweaked almost all of the images in Aperture (a Mac OS X photo editing program), sometimes to extremes (’cause it looks neat!) — if you want the original [Olympus] RAW or untouched JPEG, it’s no problem to upload it, so just ask. If you don’t get a username and password, or have trouble downloading an image, ask and I’ll make it work.

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